“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.” -Rumi

Today I ended up looking at these words as a part of writing something. They made me look in to how this is actually played out in my life. Is it really true?

So I took the most painful experience from my life in the recent years. The moment when I realized I had been lied to and betrayed by a person I had fallen in love with and given my trust to.

The experience was painful, as many of us know. But the same day I learned about what had been hidden from me, I found myself looking at another event in my life, a relationship where I had been the one lying.

Because I was open to experience the pain, a childlike pain that had many flavors in it, including terror, loss of ground, hopelessness and not surviving, I was open to experience how this person from my past had been hurt through my actions.

As a result, after years of wondering why this relationship didn't seem to leave my consciousness, I ended up forgiving. I could forgive the hatred I had been an object to. The blame and anger. Because now I understood. My heart opened to compassion as I was being open to my own pain.

This is only one example, but no matter what event I choose to look at, there is always a connection to other moments in my life. Even though it takes a lot of awareness and sometimes time to see it, there is a plan that I am part of. A plan that is rigged in my favor.

(meme from: https://me.me/i/live-life-as-if-everything-is-rigged-in-your-favor-4849153)

Aaro Löf