The feeling of living the same day again and again.

The same thoughts and ideas guide me. The same cravings keep me on the move and through the same actions I aim to fulfill what seems to be missing.

The same emotions keep arising and in the same ways I keep trying to keep them away, while chasing for others.

It's a story that doesn't change. Is it really me, this familiar sense of things and my relation to them? Is this really my life? Is this a life? And who is it that keeps on living this life?

What happens when instead of running and keeping busy, I stop and see? What if I really look?

What if I face craving instead of getting drawn with it?

What if I make this life and the one living it an object of curiosity?

What if I feel what I've feared to?

Will there be a tomorrow finally? An end to repetition? Will I be born a new? Will this day finally end?

Aaro Löf